Michelle Micalizzi lives her life fearlessly. This is true for her professional and personal endeavors. As a social impact artist, Michelle has been taking the valley by storm with her innovative campaigns. One only has to look at the work she is doing through Fearlessly Deliver to see how her tenacity and passion are driving her to make positive change and to share impactful stories in the process. Her most recent endeavor, the Art of Fearlessly Giving Back, has focused these talents on the stories of good corporate citizenship as displayed by WebPT through their support of six amazing charities. In addition to this Michelle is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Apex Medical Reimbursement Solutions where she is leveraging her savvy social and media skills to push this company's visibility to new heights. Learn more about Michelle Miicalizzi.....

Image courtesy of Arizona Consortium for the Arts | James & Elena Thornton

How do you describe what you do:

With Fearlessly Deliver - Entrepreneurs and inspiring stories of all kinds are my muse and focus. As an artist, a business woman and a visual journalist I paint with a purpose. The Fearless Art Projects are collaborative social practice art engagements that connect art + business + community.

As a Social Practice Artist, I merge collaboration and visual journalism to creatively connect art, business, and community by combining systems, words, video, and images to convey a concept, thought, social concern, or biographical story. My multimedia paintings are shorthand for a snapshot in time of my subject’s work and life while conveying a universal message for all and a byproduct of deep meaningful collaboration.

Ultimately, I am inspired to contemplate, communicate, and resolve ideas and concepts that inspire me personally and professionally as an artist, a business woman, and a philanthropist. I am driven to share what I find in my interaction with those that inspire me and others.

As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of APEX Medical Reimbursement Solutions, I get to use all of my entrepreneurial and marketing skills to improve healthcare by helping doctors focus on what they do best – practice medicine!

I do not see one role as more important than the other. Keeping myself in the business community working in an industry, that I believe needs heavy lifters, keeps my creativity and passion flowing. Being an artist is just who I am. The business woman and the artist cooperate and work very hard with one another these days! They are not separate left and right brains, they are a singular cohesive brain!

What is the mission for your businesses’ giving:

Each Fearless project highlights a specific theme where a traditional multimedia painting is created for each story. However, the painting is only a small part of the art that is created with each project. The audience engagement, human interaction as well as the business and non-profit collaboration that takes place during the projects are far more valuable than the physical art work that is produced. The paintings created illustrate a story that is shared on the Fearless Blog and via social media as visual journalism.

Essentially, the story is one of hope and resilience. I believe that entrepreneurs are a perfect example of these qualities, which is why in recent years the art projects have featured entrepreneurs. Ultimately, any story that focuses on these qualities, and that allows for inspiration provides an excellent opportunity to give back. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of paintings produced is contributed to either the charity that they were inspired by or a charity that is selected for the series.

ART OF FEARLESSLY GIVING BACK (AoFGB) is a community awareness series that focuses on one company’s social responsibility mission and the charities that they support. The goal of the project is to demonstrate how giving back is not only smart business, but the real reason companies are in business. 2018’s project features Phoenix-based WebPT, the leading rehab therapy software platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth, and the six charities they support.

ART OF FEARLESSLY DOING BUSINESS (AoFDB) is an unprecedented and unique visual journalism project that celebrates the fearless entrepreneurial spirit and art. 2018’s project will focus on healthcare businesses.

THE ART OF FEARLESSLY LIVING (AoFL) is an adventurous and fun-loving project celebrating the wonder of a life well lived. The goal of the project is to inspire readers to cultivate the art of living fearlessly every day and to achieve a healthy work life balance. This year's documents my adventures as I choose the motorcycle that will replace Ruby my Harley Softail that I rode for seventeen years.

FEARLESS POP UPS are flash art shows hosted in unexpected commercial and non-profit locations with the purpose of connecting Art + Business + Community.

Fearlessly Deliver also offers consulting services. Philanthropy is one of the many focused activities one could hire me to perform on a company's behalf. However, due to my position position with APEX I am not accepting consulting clients at this time.

With APEX Medical Reimbursement Solutions, we are getting more involved with the community by collaborating with other healthcare entrepreneurs. Additionally, we are beginning to participate in the community more actively by sponsoring events like the Phoenix Film Festival and supporting organizations like Gabriel’s Angels, the Leukemia Lymphoma Association, and the March of Dimes.

Charity or Charities of choice:

This year’s Fearless charities are | Conscious Capitalism Arizona Chapter, the Arizona Science Center Girls in STEAM, PT Day of Service, Support My Club, Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue Phoenix, United Blood Services Arizona, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Sonoran Arts League, and The Shop‘s 2018 Santa’s Toy Run benefitting the children of Sunny Slope, AZ.

Past Fearless Charities are too numerous to mention in full. However, some include The Contemporary Forum, The Arizona Consortium for the Arts, Green Mountain Prevention Projects, The Leukemia Lymphoma Society, the Girl Scouts, The Essex Junction and Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary, The Essex Junction Seniors, Essex Chips, The Brownell Library, the Essex Junction Recreation Center to name just a few.

We are seeking out new charities to partner with in 2019.

Why have you supported these causes?

I feel it is all of our responsibility to be active community members supporting the communities that we live and work in. Thankfully, Jim White the owner of APEX feels the same way. Plus out-of-the-box thinking always bores me.

Favorite business based on its giving efforts and why:

I have many – but what comes to mind right now is - any company that Bob Parson is actively involved with. I love how outrageous and generous Bob Parson’s is. Watching him gift a young man 500K to the Phoenix Children’s Museum at his Scottsdale Harley Davidson Biker Blast last year was pure enjoyment and entertainment. Seeing him accept an award for his work at Sneaky Big at the Phoenix Film Festival was also enlightening. I enjoyed several employee parties at Chase Field as well where I got to watch him over gift (taxes included) all night long!

It is my personal goal to gift minimally 100K a year to charity. I can dream of being as generous as Bob is one day that is for sure!

Who influenced your spirit of giving and how:

I was raised in Vermont by generous parents. I think they put something in the water in Vermont because for such a small state Vermonters do a lot of great work. Look at great companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters! I also think that I am just wired to give back with not only my treasure with but my time and talent.

How do you believe fashion can aid philanthropy:

Everyone shops. It is a no brainer. Why not make the most for good where people are already spending money because they have to and want to?

What is your biggest philanthropic accomplishment:

Finding a way that my left and right brain can work together to connect Art + Business + Community, which opens up limitless opportunities for good.

Favorite philanthropic quote:

“To Whom Much is Given Much is Expected.” Luke 12:48

I believe that God gave me more than my fair share of gifts and they are meant to be used for good. You never catch me dragging my feet with any of the gifts that God gave me!

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Image courtesy of Arizona Consortium for the Arts | James & Elena Thornton

Image courtesy of Michelle Micalizzi

Image courtesy of WebPT

Image courtesy of Bradford Jones

Image courtesy of Michelle Micalizzi

Image courtesy of Arizona Consortium for the Arts | James & Elena Thornton

Image courtesy of Michelle Micalizzi

Image courtesy of Arizona Consortium for the Arts | James & Elena Thornton

Image courtesy of Arizona Consortium for the Arts | James & Elena Thornton

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