Beauty is much more than skin deep. And while personal preservation and confidence through self-maintenance can be important to keeping people positive, the Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery team recognizes that with great success comes great expectations. Through their practice they are donating a portion of every procedure to meaningful causes that make our community a brighter place. And this small endeavor has led them to much greater levels of giving through their 2nd Annual Beauty for Good event where they will showcase and celebrate the work being done by six valuable charity organizations.

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The Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery Team

Ali M Mosharrafa MD | Co Founder Beauty for Good / Plastic Surgeon, Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery

Tamir M Mosharrafa MD | Co Founder Beauty for Good / Plastic Surgeon, Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery

Kara Schell | Managing Director, Beauty for Good & Practice Administrator, Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery

Brandie Barclay | Creative Director, Beauty for Good & Aesthetician, Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery

How do you describe what you do:

Beauty for Good was created to be purposeful with our charitable giving through Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery. We wanted to “do more” than write a check to support our community non-profits.

What is the mission for your businesses’ giving:

Our primary mission is “To help beautiful changes in individuals make beautiful changes in our community and bring awareness to beautiful causes in the valley.” Our secondary mission to provide monetary support and help raise monetary support of our colleagues and community for our Beauty for Good Charitable Partners.

How do you give back to society through your business:

1.) Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery donates a portion of each and every cosmetic plastic surgery procedure to Beauty for Good and other charitable partners.

2.) Those funds are used to give monetary donations and to host events, like the upcoming Beauty for Good Gala, to help raise awareness for our charitable partners. We also host several events throughout the year that benefit our partners, like a Breast Cancer Awareness Open House each October, and other similar events designed to do both raise funds and spread awareness for the cause the event is supporting.

Charity or Charities of choice | Our 2018 Charitable Partners are:

· A2ndAct

· Pearce Family Foundation

· Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign

· Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

· Phoenix Dream Center

Why have you supported these causes:

We have partnered with each cause because we either professionally support it, like the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign, as our doctors provide breast reconstructive plastic surgery on post mastectomy breast cancer patients. Also, both doctors are personally involved with some of the charities, as their cause is important to them. Dr. Ali is on the board for Prevent Child Abuse AZ, Dr. Tamir has volunteered time and talent to remove branding from human trafficking victims with The Phoenix Dream Center. Kara and Brandie both volunteer and work very closely with all of the charities on some level.

Favorite business based on their giving efforts and why:

We LOVE Kendra Scott, ok let’s be honest they make beautiful jewelry! But more importantly the entire company culture is built on philanthropy, giving back and being a part of community. We work a lot with them.

Who influenced your spirit of giving and how:

I think we all have a different answer, for the doctors it is about giving back to the community that has given so much to them and the practice, the patients we serve and being able to provide a voice and support of local small non profits that might go otherwise unnoticed. For Kara, while having a similar desire to “give back”, her story starts by being a teenage mother who struggled to raise 2 boys on her own, who pushed hard to become a “success story” through nothing other than hard work, integrity and perseverance to not be a “statistic." She wants to be a role model and show other young women how to believe in themselves, do good, work hard and pay it forward by giving back and supporting others, being a role model for others.

How do you believe fashion can aid philanthropy:

We chose the name “Beauty for Good” because of what we do in the practice, creating beauty, enhancing beauty, and because we see beauty in all things. We believe that by using the power of beauty we can create opportunity for doing good. The same is true for fashion, it’s a platform that is looked “up to” and garners the attention of all. Any platform that has an audience can be used for that good.

What is your biggest philanthropic accomplishment:

Since founded in 2015, we have raised over $69k in support of our charitable partners and helped share their missions and their accomplishments with our community.

Favorite philanthropic quote:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift… The purpose of life is to give it away!”

To learn more about Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery visit | https://www.mosharrafa.com/

To learn more about Beauty for Good visit | http://www.beautyforgood.org/

To attend Beauty for Good click here

Image courtesy of Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery

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