Ashley Ford has the unique distinction of leading Kendra Scott's philanthropic efforts for the Arizona market. Her dedication has led to countless partnerships and to many meaningful causes receiving much needed support. Her infectious personality and whimsical style has created a homey feeling at the Kendra Scott stores, which now facilitate in store fundraising endeavors to help the communities they operate in. Learn more about Ashley Ford.....

How do you describe what you do: I focus on building the Kendra Scott brand in the Scottsdale/Phoenix market while supporting our local community by giving back. I work with local and national non-profits, schools, clubs & anyone else who is trying to make a difference.

What is the mission for your businesses’ giving: Kendra Scott was founded on the principals of Family, Fashion & Philanthropy and we are so proud to live by the mantra ‘We always have something to give.'

How do you give back to society through your business: We host all sorts of events in our stores but our main way to give back is through our Kendra Gives Back Events. During these three-hour shopping parties, 20% of all sales are donated back to the organization hosting. We also will provide jewelry donations for ANY and ALL raffles/silent auctions. Last but not least, one of our favorite ways to support the community is through our Kendra Scott Mystery Boxes. If you have yet to purchase a Mystery Box at a gala around town then you are definitely missing out!

Charity or Charities of choice: If I had to choose- Valley of the Sun 20-30 Club, AZ Humane Society & Crowns of Courage.

Why have you supported these causes: Valley of the Sun 20-30 Club is a group of women in their 20’s and 30’s who are passionate about giving back to local children’s charities, I joined the club a year and a half ago and it has been so amazing to make great friends while also having fun and giving back.

I have the biggest soft spot for animals and I love how much AZ Humane Society does for those who don’t have a voice. Watch one episode of Animal Cops Phoenix & you will see how special they are. Also, I won the best raffle prize ever at their last Compassion For Fashion event- a little 3-legged kitten named Butters!

Crowns of Courage is an awesome local charity that creates wigs for little girls who have cancer. They are a fairly new charity and already making such an impact. The co-founders Rachel and Jessica are so great and fun, within one hour of meeting with them I was set on chopping 9 inches of my hair off for a wig.

Favorite business based on their giving efforts and why: Tito’s Vodka! It blows my mind how much Tito’s gives back to our community. It’s almost impossible to go to an event around town and not see Tito’s supporting. Like Kendra Scott, Tito’s is an Austin, Texas based company but you might honestly think they were founded in Arizona because of how much they do here! Also, who doesn’t love a Tito’s Cocktail?!

Who influenced your spirit of giving and how: Our community! My parents raised me with a generous heart and that’s only grown after getting to meet so many great people who do so much. Every day I am amazed how people can turn a tragedy into something that helps others. We are so lucky to have such a philanthropic community here in the Valley.

How do you believe fashion can aid philanthropy: Philanthropy is fun but fashion makes it so much more fun, our customers love our jewelry and they love it even more when they know their purchase is supporting a good cause.

What is your biggest philanthropic accomplishment: Being able to have helped Kendra Scott give back over $150,000 to our Scottsdale/Phoenix community in my three years with the company is something I am so proud of!

Favorite philanthropic quote: “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” –Princess Diana

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