Sobe Stanford's mantra of embrace your beauty is sprinkled into every photo shoot she does. Her keen eye for grace finds and accentuates the best in every person she photographs. Sobe's photography business runs the gamut from graduation and business to glamour and luxury products; her firm is focused on the experience of being photographed and having a result that her clients will love. Sobe captures a story through her work and her giving spirit is present in all of her projects. Learn more about Sobe Stanford.....

How do you describe what you do:

My team and I give women a complete makeover magazine style photo shoot experience. My studio is a place for them to come and get pampered as they melt their stress away! The luxury experience includes professional hair and makeup as well as a beautiful selection of gowns to choose from!

As a woman I feel that it is important to feel beautiful, to look in the mirror and see your beauty instead of judging yourself. Unfortunately, as we get older we seem to judge ourselves more. This motivated me to show women their beauty through photography.

What is the mission for your businesses’ giving:

To help women of all ages, celebrate their individuality and know they are worthy of feeling beautiful

How do you give back to society through your business:

I believe in giving back 100%. In the past I have taken one month out of the year and donated the proceeds to a cancer nonprofit organization. I have also donated my time to mentor high school students that have the same passion as me.

Charity or Charities of choice:

Breast Cancer Foundation

Why have you supported these causes:

Breast cancer does not only affect your health, it also affects your image and your self-esteem. I want to show women that regardless of what they go through they are beautiful!

Favorite business based on their giving efforts and why:

I love the TOMS one-for-one donation match. They donate shoes, sight, and water to citizens of other countries. This means a lot and it’s huge for those families in need, especially because they don’t have resources that we have in the US. TOMS also finds sustainable solutions to bullying in the US.

Who influenced your spirit of giving and how:

My mother, she instilled the love of helping those in need. I grew up seeing her donate shoes, and clothing to families that could not afford to buy these essential items.

How do you believe fashion can aid philanthropy:

Fashion can help boost your self-esteem, helping you to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself will help you succeed in life and success creates more opportunities for you to give back.

What is your biggest philanthropic accomplishment:

Donate a complete makeover photo shoot experience to women that are fighting breast cancer.

Favorite philanthropic quote:

“I choose to rise up out of that storm and see that in moments of desperation, fear, and helplessness, each of us can be a rainbow of hope, doing what we can to extend ourselves in kindness and grace to one another.” – Oprah Winfrey

Learn more at: http://sobestanford.com

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