ONEHOPE Wine understands that 94% of people want to shop from businesses that give back. And they are scaling their efforts through their SIAS (social impact as a service) model. ONEHOPE wine recognizes that there is indeed responsibility that comes along with success and they are leading the charge in having more businesses understand that doing the right thing is absolutely good for business. This cause-centric commerce program has over 200 validated non-profits to choose from and this covers all genres of causes. From animal welfare to child based causes; from socio-economic opportunities in desolate regions to sustainability projects in the corners of the world that need help the most. Their program allows for as much or as little communication with the non-profits as your company desires and ONEHOPE aids with the all-important tracking of the impact made so you and your customers know what each commitment to a cause is producing. ONEHOPE is always looking for more causes to add to its register of the best charities to support so everyone is welcome to get involved with their offering. Learn more at: http://www.onehopefoundation.org/

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